Murder Linked With Music


Murder Linked With Music

1. Metallica

Song Ronnie

Album Load 1996

Reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer in 2002, Ronald Pitch killed his own Mother then stabbed a young boy near his neighborhood. He was suffering from Depression and was a Schizophrenic. He told police the Devil was inside him and the song Ronnie influenced him. He was sentenced to life in jail in 2004.

2. Beatles

Songs Helter Skelter, Blackbird

Charles Manson

White Album Nov 22 1968

Reported in the Sun newspaper Charles Manson said when he listened to Beatles songs notably The White Album he thought they were communicating secret messages to him. Helter Skelter he claimed was a prediction of a race war to come and the song Blackbird was Satanic. In 1969 Manson told his disciples to murder people. Charles Manson and his followers committed nine murders at four locations.

3. Slipknot

Song Wait And Bleed 1999 (turn the 1999 around you get 666 coincidence?)

Reported in the Guardian news paper a masked man in 2008 used a samurai sword to kill and wound students in a school in South Africa. He wore the evil mask like Joey Jordison the drummer of Slipknot. He was into Demonology, spells and witchcraft and said Slipknots music is Satanic in nature and influenced him to commit murder. He called there brand bad music.

4. Marilyn Manson

Song The Dope Show

Album Mechanical Animals 1998

Reported by the New York Times Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed 12 students one of there teachers and themselves in Colorado. They were inspired by Manson’s music to act out Satanic and violent fantasies. Marilyn Manson came up with his stage name by combining the monikers of actress Marilyn Monroe and convicted mass murderer Charles Manson. He saw them as the biggest icons of the 1960s but how a mass murderer is an icon is beyond me.

5. Mayhem-Norwegian

Black Metal Band

Reported by the Guardian they were blamed for Church burnings in Norway. The lead singer of the band killed himself in 1993 a temporary member of the band stabbed and killed another member in a bout of Satanic rage.

6. Ozzy Osborne

Song Suicide Solution And Teen Suicide 1980

Album Blizzard Of Ozz

January 13 1986 John Mc Collum committed suicide while listening to the song Suicide Solution. The song influenced him to take his own life.

7. AC/DC

Song Night Prowler

Album Highway To Hell

Reported by CNN News in 1985 Richard Ramirez a serial killer killed 16 people and left an AC/DC hat at one of the crime scene. He claimed that the song Night Prowler inspired him to kill.

8. Judas Priest

Song Better By You Better Than Me

Album Stained Glass 1978

Reported by The New York Times In 1985 Raymond Belknap and James Vance shot themselves in the head influenced by listening to this song.

9. Slayer

Songs Postmortem

Dead Skin Mask


Reign In Blood 1986

Seasons In The Abyss 1990

Reported by CNN News in 1985 three killers used these songs to influence themselves to rape and torture then murder a 15 year old girl called Elyse Pahler.

10. Eminem

Song Murder Murder

Album Slim Shady EP 1997

Reported by the Guardian in 2009 Michael Miller attacked his wife and children with a kitchen knife and killed all but one there four year old son who survived 11 stab wounds. He said his wife was a possessed and a Demon then attacked them shouting out the song lyrics from Murder Murder.

11. Horrorcore

Song Bloodshot Spill Your Blood

Album Ultimate Hatred 2006

Reported in the Washington Post Richard Mc Croskey killed 16 year old Emma Niedebrock her parents and her 18 year old friend. He said that there music motivated him to kill them all.