What Is Christmas?

Christmas What Does It Mean For You?
Christmas What Does It Mean For You?

What is Christmas?

Christmas today is just gifts and greed,

Or alcohol fueled celebrations.

Some say Christmas is a pagan event,

Christ just taken out of the equation.


The divine attributes of an invisible God,

Are clearly visible to all creation.

Infant child grew into a humble man,

To save the world from separation.


Let’s remember what Christmas is,

Christmas is about our saviors birth.

Deity Lowering himself to human form,

To spread light and peace on earth.


Immanuel was many of his names,

Meaning God is with us on earth.

Source of love and Christian joy,

For Mary to conceive the Lords birth.


We are all made in the image of God,

And we have never ever been alone.

God has shown us so many times,

He wants to dine with us at his home.


There is no belief in design,

Which humankind can quite clearly see.

People think we came from apes,

Forgetting we are from Adam and Eve.


Where do we get are morals from,

How do we understand how to love?

God has written deep inside our hearts,

And sent us The Holy Spirit from above.


Where do the origins of music come from,

Science can’t explain God made it clear.

Music is for mankind’s enjoyment,

And to worship him with love and fear.


He was the one and only begotten son,

Which means he came from the father.

He came to give us eternal life,

Love and peace everlasting after.


So Christmas time is to celebrate a birth,

Like the three wise men came to do.

They travelled far to give a baby boy,

Symbols of gold, frankincense and Myrrh.


Forget suffering and death in the World,

Satan governs this earth but he will pay.

God does not want his chosen to cry,

But the path to Heaven is a narrow way.


Which way do you choose to live,

Difficult is the way which leads to life.

Look at your level of commitment,

And how Christ paid the ultimate price.


Christmas means the birth of Christ,

Gift of the Father was the gift of his Son.

A nailed offering wrapped in a shroud,

Not about presents, games and having fun.

Christmas Blessings
Christmas Blessings