My Spirit Is Just A Calling

Holy Spirit Guide Me
Holy Spirit Guide Me

My Spirit Is Just A Calling

My spirit is just a calling,
God a friend and me.
I brushed their pallet both,
While labouring readily.

She splashes an artery across my mind,
God intervenes inside.
For me we are yoke as one,
Holy spirit as my guide.

My zeal for God my passion for her,
Artists splay by hand.
Spiritual destiny brought us both,
To the Pentecostal promised land.

I dense my eyes I see her and God,
Heavenly harps are strumming.
Summoning are names reach held high,
The rapture will soon be coming.

For when we bequeath our vessel,
We journey hand in hand,
My friend our dreams and me,
Forever locked in the Fathers land.

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