Genesis Summary


Genesis Summary

Hebrew Name

Bereshith in the beginning.

Greek Name





From 4004 to 1635 BC.


The Founding of the Hebrew Nation.

Types and Shadows

Jesus is the seed of the woman.


Genesis 1:2

The creation of the universe, the world, all living things, and mankind. The conditions of man in paradise.

Genesis 3

The original sin of the first man and woman Adam and Eve, and God casting them out of Eden.

Genesis 4-5

The history of Adam and his descendants all the way to the time of Noah and the Great Flood.

Genesis 6-7

The evil ways of all mankind, the destruction of the world by The Great Flood, and Gods preservation of Noah and his family.

Genesis 8-9

The restoration of the planet, God’s Covenant to Noah for all mankind, the rainbow, and prophecy of Noah.

Genesis 10

The repopulation of the world and the table of Nations by the sons of Noah, Shem, Ham, Japheth and their descendants.

Genesis 11

The Construction of the Tower of Babel, Nimrod, the confusion of tongues, and God scattering mankind throughout the world.

Genesis 12-25

The history and migration of Abraham and his family as pilgrims in the land of Canaan.

Genesis 26-27

The history of Isaac and his family.

Genesis 28-36

The history of Jacob and his family.

Genesis 37-40

The history of Joseph and his brothers.

Genesis 41-50

The history of Joseph’s exaltation by God in the land of Egypt and God’s incredible plan for the Hebrews.

Genesis is the title given to the first book of Moses by its Greek translators. The word Genesis means Origin or Beginning. Genesis describes the beginning of man and the universe which he lives in and has been given dominion over, the foundation of sin, the beginning of God’s plan of redemption, and the beginning of the Hebrew nation. 

The book of Genesis, together with the first few chapters of Exodus, describes the events which led to the God’s establishment of his laws with the people of Israel.

There are two main themes in the book of Genesis The people of God and the promised land.

Genesis has a clear message which is both special to Israel and universal to all mankind. It embraces the people in every nation as it speaks of God as Sovereign Lord yet the Book of Genesis is also an introduction to Jewish history. The design of Genesis is to show how God first revealed himself to the patriarchs of the Hebrew race in order to make of them a people who would serve as his witnesses and spread the good news to the rest of the world. He led Abraham to the promised land which happened to be located in the centre of the ancient world. These two essential points are the inner principles of unity which tie the entire book together.

Outline of the Book of Genesis

1. The Beginnings of History 1-11

2. The creation of the universe 1:1-2:3

3. Description of the garden of Eden 2:4-17

4. The creation of woman 2:18-25

5. The Fall of man chapter 3

6. Cain and Abel chapter 4

7. The generations from Adam to Noah chapter 5

8. A description of the wickedness which moved God to commission Noah to build and enter the ark, together with the details concerning the ark, the flood, and the events of Noah’s life 6-9

9. The ancient families of mankind.

10. Noah (chapter 10

11. The Story of Abraham 12-25

1. God’s call of Abrahm and the covenant with him in which he was promised that his descendants should inherit the land of Canaan, that they should become a great nation and that through them all nations of the earth would be blessed.

12-17 Abrahm’s name is changed to Abraham and Ishmael is born to Abraham and Hagar, Sarah’s handmaid.

2. The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, with an account of Lot’s deliverance 18-19

3. Abraham deceives Abimelech concerning Sarah chapter 20

4. The early years of Isaac 21-25:18

The birth of Isaac 21:1-8

The departure of Hagar and Ishmael 21:9-21

Abraham’s faith, as demonstrated by his willingness to sacrifice Isaac chapter 22

The death of Sarah and the purchase of the family burial ground from the Hittites chapter 23

Betrothal of Isaac and Rebekah chapter 24

Abraham’s death is recorded 25:1-11

Generations of Ishmael are given 25:12-18

3. The Story of Isaac 25:19-26-35

The main events in connection with Isaac’s life are the birth of his twin sons, Jacob and Esau.

4. The Story of Jacob and Esau 27:1-37:1

1. Jacob leaves home, after receiving his father’s blessing by deceit 27:1-28:9

It was on this journey that he experienced the vision of the

ladder at Bethel 28:10-15

2. Jacob’s family and his return from Haran to Canaan 29-33

3. This section gives an account of Jacob’s marriages, the birth of most of his children, the shrewd dealings between Laban and Jacob and the departure of Jacob from Haran. After leaving Haran and wrestling with the angel, Jacob came into contact with Esau, but without the conflict which had been feared.

3. The last years of Jacob’s life 34-36

5. The Story of Joseph 37-50

1. Joseph, because of the jealousy of his brothers, is sold into Egypt where, after a series of events, he becomes a ruler of Egypt, ranking under Pharaoh 37-41

2. Joseph’s brothers come to Egypt to buy food during a time of great famine. After a time, Joseph reveals his identity to his brethren 42-45

3. At the insistence of Joseph, Jacob and his family settle in Egypt 46-47

4. Jacob’s blessing of Joseph’s two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim, and his prophecy concerning the twelve tribes 48-49

5. The death of Jacob and Joseph chapter 50