Did We Come From Apes?

I don't have a soul?
I don’t have a soul?


Did we come from apes?

If there is no Almighty God then all matter was not created it just was there, or came by a fluke of nature.

Darwin said there may have been a creator of matter. Some scientists claim God created matter and nothing else, so we have some say there is a God others say there is a possibility of a higher being and others say there is no creator.

There is no solid proof of the evolution of mankind if we came by a gene, or a germ this does not account for our incredible body and our soul. The human race has always had unity or knitted for a purpose. If we evolved then everything must have had one common language to start with, a concept of religion and what is right and wrong. So there must have been a strong head or a leader where all this information was united behind to start with. Humans were created in a civilised state we had order in everything from design to mathematics. If evolution was true then there would have had to be millions of humans first with a common religious background and languages which evolved into what we have today. Evolution is impossible and to say God did not exist to begin with.

All races interbreed this is inherent from all species. If we go back millions of years there was no unity, Cave men would have had to have had religion, language and morals to start with and a leader.

If we only acknowledge the physical truth and not the spiritual truth we can fall down. If you give the answer everyone expects then everyone is happy, but truth dictates. Our population proves that we descended from one family.

Science agrees we came from one blood line who is this family and the bloodline? Adam and Eve.

Language started from the first family. How did humans have the idea to worship a God? To sacrifice animals mentioned in the bible?

If we came from apes we had to have concepts of picking lambs, doves, sheep for burnt offerings and it would be an animal killing an animal. But one thing is certain apes do not have a spirit. When apes die they don’t bury their dead yet mankind has always had a notion to bury its loved ones, why is this? If we came from apes then why did we lose our hair to then grow a beard, or a mustache? Some people are bald. What distinguishes children to not have beards or mustaches from birth? If we did evolve from apes why are apes still not evolving into humankind?  

The number of existing species can not be explained by evolution, but only upon the ground of the creation of numerous heads of animal and plant life, as the bible says. Then what about the human eye, an iris which automatically changes size, has 125 million photo-cells in the retina to recognise live feeds along nerve lines to our wonderful brain.

Some believe in the eternity of matter. This is false Both mind and matter can not be eternal. Mind controls matter, and not matter controls the mind, so the divine mind of the Lord created matter.

Mankind has a soul and personality we started to think about our life, who we are and where we came from why is this?

Do animals have personality able to think where they came from? No they don’t. So mankind has personality but animals and plants do not. But same say we came from one gene, if so who decided to split up the traits?

We have intellect and emotions and are the only species that cry emotional tears. So if we came from apes they must have love, hate, envy, remorse and sympathy. Do dogs know what is right and wrong? They act on command you can tell a dog to stop, but the next day it can still do the same thing again. Animals and apes have no humor have never laughed as mankind can, or spoken. Parrots mimic which is not proper speech. Mankind also sings where did music originate from? No scientist can explain the origins of music.

We have a conscience so why does a monkey differ from us? Something must have decided for us you will have a conscience and you will not.

Remember conscience is different from an act. A monkey can kill something with no thought or regret! The soul is a powerful tool beautifully designed for mankind only. We have always worshiped some kind or form of God wether it be idols the sun, moon and stars. Do apes worship idols or pray to the stars? No animals have a concept of a divine being so what can we say here? Mankind is unique with traits, and unique in an understanding of a higher being from birth. Remember having a child the Lord picks the first-born. This is why only one sperm fertilises an egg. Humans can have twins, but the first-born has always been the one to rule or have the best qualities picked before conception. The Lord knows us, each human being has morals and a concept of a divine being from birth. We are all children of God with a soul and spiritual awareness. We all hope to live again. Life after death, the soul has made man immortal. To be born again and accept Christ into our lives we grasp salvation and life eternal. We are all cursed and have sin eroding our lives. We all have a concept of what sin is why is this? Mankind is not progressing, the world is dying we are killing each other, our food chain and environment decays. Evolution claims we are moving forward this is true to some respect but only to our destruction. We are told only in Christ can we move forward, as he shines a light under our feet.

Christian religion backs up all true science. Christianity backs astronomy and chemistry, because we can relate to the true understanding of design written in the bible. Scripture does not lie it is truth in fact and the origins of creation. We are told things and fed information to believe that they are true. We see what we want to believe in and discount what we can’t see. There is a wind but we can’t see it yet we know it’s there. The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone born of the Spirit. We have invisible power all around us like WI-FI. If we believe what is false this leads to where we are today with contradictions in everything. If you still think you can prove evolution then write in to a site in America that will give you one million pounds with one piece of provable evidence.

Mathematics proves everything figures do not lie. Not a single new species has arisen in 6000 years and when was the earth made 6000 years ago!

What can we learn here that Jesus is at the heart of everything. He was and still is the greatest man to have walked on this earth. You can deny him, but everybody has a concept of his love, pureness, and message that he brings. There is not one-act of physical violence mentioned in The New Testament proving that he came to perfect the law from The Old Covenant.

Jesus is hailed as a King by 750 spoken languages around the world. 

Christ is the greatest of all teachers. He sits at the highest level of purity and grace for a reason. Love is universal, everybody has a concept of love and the greatest love is Christ. Apes are apes, mankind is the Jewel of creation, made in the image and likeness of God.