Does God Exist? Part One


Does God Exist? Part One

Psalm 14:1

14 “The fool has said in his heart,
There is no God.”
They are corrupt,
They have done abominable works,
There is none who does good.”

Psalm 53:1

The fool has said in his heart,
There is no God.”
They are corrupt, and have done abominable iniquity;
There is none who does good.

This topic I can prove God exists and his glory is there for all mankind to see.

Atheist meaning is a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of a God or Gods. Atheists are not arrogant, immoral, rebellious. All atheists believe in the Christian God but are simply in denial. If there is no evidence then this article will prove there is evidence, if there is no logic to prove God then we will prove logic in this field too. Most atheist believe the world is filled with evil and malice but an all loving God can’t be real because he lets us suffer. Non Christians are condemned to Hell as said in the Bible this is disturbing to some and rejected as fairy tales. Some say they are agnostic neither believing or disbelieving. What I would say is this be more tolerant and discuss your stance on Religion without using offensive language, and insults. Christians are no better than you, we have our eyes opened around us and see God’s glory and set ourselves apart to prepare ourselves for Christ’s return. For people to Come to God we need faith to believe in him and seek him. I seek God and is Majesty I thirst for him. The creator has not put his knowledge of himself in every man for a reason, as it is down to us to seek his love and wisdom. Remember God created all our physical materials that mankind has used throughout time to make and worship idols. We have always had a concept of the Divine.

To know the truth of God’s creation, it’s not enough to rely on human logic It’s also necessary to observe closely what God created.    Roy Williams.

Wall Street Journal said:

Science increasingly makes the case for God.”

There is way more factors necessary for life which is 200 known parameters necessary for a planet to support life. Everything must be perfect or nothing will ever happen. The planet Jupiter draws away asteroids from Earth without Jupiter we would be hit thousands of times by asteroids. So is the planets random forces that protect our planet?

The answer is no.

The universe to exist in the first place, four fundamental forces of law are needed. The force of gravity, electromagnetic, and nuclear forces. These forces were established all at once in less than a millionth of a second after the big bang. Where did the Primordial dust cloud come from in the first place with every component for life?

Everything must have a cause to exist so the complexity of the dust cloud was caused by a higher being. If there was one value altered from the fabric of the design of the universe then it could not have existed so complex is the blueprint. Super intelligence played with and set up the laws we now use physics, chemistry and biology.

God is so creative he made mankind a master clock of the universe. Humans use the planets in motion for its time piece accuracy. Cesium 1-38 atoms were used to build an Atomic clock, they vibrate at 9192,631,770 times per second. This is accurate to one second every thirty million years. They never alter and are as reliable as God himself. So where did something so complex come from without something so intelligent in the first place?

What the creator made mankind was able to measure time over the centuries. Some clocks are built with mercury ions and scientists have made optical clocks which only slip 1 second every 30 billion years. So can this be by chance?

So God made the heavens, atomic and optical clocks and is the greatest watch maker ever.

Matter and energy can be neither created or destroyed this is the 1st law of Thermodynamics, so if the universe came into existence from nothing this breaks this law. Matter must have had a divine origin. Radium was discovered in 1988, Thorium, Radium, Radon, Polonium, and Protactinium have not existed forever, matter has not always existed. So if we try to build something from nothing its impossible. Everything moves towards disorder which is the second law. The universe is winding down not evolving which proves that nothing evolves. The entire universe is slowing down. But as we discovered God started the universal clock and wound them up to tick-tock-tick-tock.

We are in a period of Grace and that clock has stopped. Jesus Christ will come back soon and he is preparing his bride.

Dr Derek Ager said:

Nearly all evolutionary stories I have learned as a student have been debunked.”

Why is this because mankind has terrible logic and makes his own ideas up. Evolutionists say we are 99% similar to apes.

But actually a Donkey is man’s closest relative.

Cholesterol level tests show that a Garter Snake is mankind’s closet relative.

A chicken is mankind’s closet relative in a blood chemistry test and another one a Butter bean is man’s closest relative.

Se we evolved from donkeys, snakes, and a food item butter beans,made in the image of God. So if we are made in his image then he looks like this?

Have you ever seen an explosion which was orderly?

Or a bang that created a watch or a clock? But the big bang theory created all the natural realms of the earth.

Dr B.G Ranganathan said:

The probability of life originating from accident is like comparable to the unbridged dictionary resulting from an explosion in a printing shop.”

Sir Fred Hoyle said:

Chance higher life forms might have emerged by chance is like a tornado sweeping through a junkyard and it assembles a Boeing 747.”

Science proves the existence of God.

Hugh Ross Wrote:

A group of Japanese scientists exploring crystal structures of F1Atpase which is an enzyme discovered natures own rotary engine. No bigger than ten billionth of a meter this has the equivalent of an engine block, drive shaft and pistons. It’s power runs between 4-5 turns or revolutions per second. It is the smallest ever seen and the smallest motor the laws of physics and chemistry allow.

In Germany a large yeast molecule was examined 26S Proteasome. It contained over two million protons and neutrons and is the largest non-symmetrical molecule to date, It is an amazing intracellular waste disposal recycling system which could never have evolved gradually.

Cilium is composed of half a dozen proteins and a central bridge protein. These combine to perform one task all of the proteins must be present for this to work properly. The complexity of this alone on a molecular scale could not have happened by luck.

To form a protein amino acids must link together to form a chain which makes functioning proteins. The sequencing of the parts determines function. So this means they must be in perfect sequence for action in the cells. DNA has a staggering amount of chemically coded information. It is not possible for a code of any kind to arise by chance or accident. A code has intelligence even the smartest ape could not work out a code of any kind. Codes have intelligence and do not form from Chaos, alternative to chance is an intelligent designer.

Dr Carl Sagan Said:

Information of a simple cell is estimated around 10 to the 12th power or one trillion bits, this means if one were to count every letter of every word of every book in the world’s libraries over ten million books the final result would be close to a trillion letters. A single cell has all this information beautifully encoded inside reaching ten million volumes all working at the same time inside us. DNA could not have come gradually into existence intelligence is required for DNA to exist and work properly. If the earth is billions of years old like some say then how do you explain that DNA has a half-life span of 521 years?

50% of DNA in any normal environment suffers bond deterioration to the point it is no longer DNA anymore. After 521 years and it goes to 0 in 6.8 million years but we know the Earth is only 6000 years old. Scientist recently found DNA in Dinosaur bones which again proves that Dinosaurs are not billion of years old. Dinosaur was an invented name meaning terrible lizard by Sir Richard Owen in 1842. DNA has a code of 3 billion letters long and continually instructs your cells behavior. This is instructions equivalent to 12 sets of Encyclopedia 384 volumes. DNA is a genetic language and has an intended purpose. Just recently one of the world’s most famous atheists Professor Antony Flew, admitted he could not explain how DNA was created and developed through evolution. He now except there is a divine intelligence involved in making the DNA code. Today we are learning the language in which God created life.

All life can only come from pre-existing life which is the law of biogenesis. Life only comes from life producing the same kind over and over and never from non living objects. All our cells can only come from pre-existing cells. Simple cells are so complex like the Prokaryote bacterial cell. It needs all its parts like a clock with these functions for survival, therefore if the cell had evolved it would mean that billions of parts would have to exist at the same time in the same place and then combined to work precisely. Life comes from a life-giver which is the creator and no one created God he has lived throughout time waiting to wind up the clock of life.

First Law of Thermodynamics is matter and energy can neither be created or destroyed there could never have been a universe without the divine hand.

Henry Margenau said:

The progress of science no matter how marvelous it appears to be leads to dead ends and shows our final ineptitude at producing a rational explanation for the universe.”

Our society and leaders does not want God telling us what to do, they want to give us false doctrine on how to live our lives. God must not exist. So we tell lies and indoctrinate everybody overtime that these ideas which become laws and false facts. Each generation is taught this in schools and by their parents which breads the modern atheist but truth with facts always wins.

All existing foods on earth was and is perfectly designed by God for human consumption. But every-time mankind tries to alter foods we pollute and reduce its purpose, to the point of injecting chemicals that alter cells inside our bodies. We would not have any sickness, or related illness from altered foods if they were left alone. Who is more intelligent God who made perfect food for consumption or mankind that has altered it and created illness from it?

The human mind is the pinnacle of creation. It’s complex, beautiful in design and breathtaking in complexity. We can build house, make wonders of the world, and sophisticated electronics. Yet no man has been able to create the human mind. Everything human’s create is inferior to our own beautiful minds. So who designed our mind?

Only a greater mind could create our mind so God created our complex minds.

Our intelligence is not a product of luck, we all have morals of right and wrong and a concept of religion and laws.

In 1920’s a single tooth was discovered in Nebraska and scientists were overjoyed claiming it was human and this was where evolution happened Nebraska man was born in their minds. Five years later they discovered it was in fact a pigs tooth and further studies and excavations proved this fact.

Neanderthal Man was severely bow-legged as he had rickets which is also not proof from fossil records it was a half man half ape creature just because it stooped.

A claimed five million year old piece of bone thought to be a Collarbone of a humanlike creature was actually part of a dolphin rib.

Anthropologist Dr Tim White said:

The problem with a lot of anthropologists is that they want so much to find a hominid or human that any discovered bone becomes a hominid bone.”

Interesting so if any bone can become anything in the mind of man, it is also plausible that dates can become anything to meet there needs too. Evolution has almost become a scientific religion where all scientists bow down to false doctrine and bend the knee, findings and observations fit in with their own ideas. No transitional forms exist anywhere in the fossil records.

Fish did not evolve into an amphibian as there are no fossil records to prove it.

Charles Darwin said:

Why if species have descended from other species do we not see everywhere?

Why is not all nature in confusion instead of the species as we see them well-defined.”

The skull Lucy that was discovered was imagination like it was made of plaster of paris as no firm conclusion could be made what species she was yet scientists aged the skull at 3-4 million years old anyway. An article was released how apes became human, trying to say that a toe-bone found ten miles away form other bones was proof of evolution. False advertising in blatant form.

There are no links from plants to animal, reptiles to birds etc fossil evidence shows that animals appeared suddenly this destroys Micro-evolution completely.

Macro-evolution was then suggested like a reptile could hatch an egg that formed into a bird but this is impossible also and false.Evolutionists are getting desperate and trying to give us Godless miracles, where God’s existence stands alone. The lord’s teachings are truth where and evolution is not but everybody believes it and takes it as fact. Living things were beautifully created for it not that they evolved into it, the fossil records have never revealed what they hoped for.

The human Eye is so complex.

Dr David N. Menton PH.D said:

The most amazing component of the eye is the film of the retina. The light-sensitive layer which sits in the back of the eye-ball is thinner than any sheet wrap and is vastly sensitive than any man-made film. The best man-made film is 1.000 to one by comparison. The human retina can handle 10 billion to-one and can sense as little as a single photon of light in the dark. In bright daylight the retina bleaches out and turns its volume control down not to overload. There are over 10 million such cells in the retina and they are packed together with a density of 200.000 per millimeter and completely replace themselves about every 7 days. Each cell is so sophisticated more than any man-made computer. This could never be improved by random mutations.10 billion calculations occur every second in the retina before the light image even hits the brain. On a computer it would take 100 years to simulate what takes place in your eye many times every second.

The eye according to some developed around 550 million years ago which is false. The eye is proof of the divine as its design is beautiful and flawless and could never have formed from natural selection. Our wonderful eyes remain the same size from birth. They have irrigation, lubrication, cleaning and protection every-time we blink which is around 4.200.000 times per year 17 times a minute. The eye has a reflex or muscular response that stabilizes everything we see, if we did not have this we would have blurred, scattered vision. The retina could not have evolved, it was invented by God. Eyelashes are believed to change the flow of air around the eye to stop dust, and other irritants getting in. Nature has optimum eyelash length to keep the Cornea moist and dust free. Eyelashes create and promote water retention. Long lashes also act as a funnel their main function is to be a wind break. The eye can distinguish between 50.000 shades of grey. The human eye consists of over two million working parts making it second only to the brain. The idea that the eye is wired backward is false and comes from lack of knowledge of eye function and anatomy. The eye is the best camera in existence so who designed the human eye? God in all his glory.

Remember what is the origins of all the natural laws of our universe?

The bible tells us God is.

James 4:12

12 There is one Lawgiver, who is able to save and to destroy. Who are you to judge another?

Out of 100 men, one will read the bible, the other 99 will read the Christian.   D.L Moody.