Language Of The Soul Part Seven


Language Of The Soul Part Seven

The impact of music lyrics has shown that sexual content is more now than ever and studies have shown that 14-16-year-olds listen to 40 hours of melody per week. 160 hours a month which is over 5 hours per day. This is a frightening figure especially in relation to our topic, so are Christian kids listening any less?

Is there a balance for God in Christian families?

Am I really spiritual or worldly or a bit of both?

A child is still developing and the parents are there to teach what is right and wrong, correct morals and laws befitting a child of God. So is 5 ½ hours of melody beneficial especially if it’s bands we have already discussed?

We have not even talked about TV, top video games or Facebook which takes us further away with distraction, please read my article Age Of Distraction for an understanding of this topic. The character is being formed in the image of the world and ultimately the Devil. We have seen artists sending messages to the masses, enticing revolution, stirring up adolescent hormones, satanic symbols on stage to album covers. We have discovered it’s the art of liberation trying to set people free “Do What Thou Wilt.”

We have discovered that some artists are worshipped as idols by millions of people to the point some girls will not wash if they are touched by him like Justin Bieber’s influence over young girls.

Taylor Swift

Some of her lyrics talk about sneaking out disobeying your parents, funnily enough, she still lives with her Mum and Dad.

Sparks Fly Album 2001

She sings songs about her first inappropriate sexual encounter and on her album sleeve one eye is covered symbolization of The All Seeing Eye.

God wants us to protect our minds especially children’s and emotions. If we look after our bodies which are a Temple To God made in his image The Holy Spirit can and will work through the channels this is the Frontal Cortex making us more Holy and Spiritually aware not carnally minded. If this nation is more Christian so they say than ever before, I am afraid they are sadly wrong we are not even close to the biblical laws and standards required by God.

Christian music is about the message the vehicle to lift us to the Throne Of God. Does the music draw you to Christ or do the words fill your mind? Most Christian artists today hit all the Polly rhythmic elements not suitable for Christians yet they are supposed to be Ministers of music.

Romans 12:2

2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

So don’t we want to be sent into the world to be Light?

To have our Sins forgiven?

To listen to God’s beautiful voice and not the Devil?

Experienced singers compete well with all man-made instruments for a reason as the vocal system was designed with Angelic qualities from God. Some of our controls are not even conscious and through The Holy Spirit, we can enhance the projection and tone to develop our own sound to its fullest to glorify God.

Contemporary Christian music is a mix of modern with Christian faith, so is it likely the tone or the quality can change?

Pop music focussed on Christian faith should already set alarm bells ringing as it’s all written around modern ideas. We need to judge melody by the principles we can eat from the Word Of God our spiritual fruit. Music as we established should be always to the Glory of God, nothing mixed to attack the frontal cortex, character, logic and will, but modern music has been taken right inside the Church. The human voice as we said is one of God’s entrusted Ambassadors to be employed in holy service. The gift given by the creator has been split in two one half for God, and the other half for Satan. This split is now perverted and misshapen into something not in the will of God. The vocal quality of the voice changes with Christian Rock you can become lost in sensual thinking, body language of melody can alter the human body as we have already discovered.

1 Thessalonians 5:21-22

21 Test all things; hold fast what is good. 22 Abstain from every form of evil.
Christian music should be Meaningful, Untainted, Spiritual, Inspirational and Clear on its message only.

We are in the presence of the creator, we are Holy and our melody should respect that fact to be pure, noble and to elevate the spirit not to glorify the artist.

Star Moser said:
Majority of Christian music today is meaningless there is a chasm between contemporary Christian music and the church.”
If Christian music has become worldly why is this?

Why have we accepted this way and methods into our churches?

Money that’s what has happened we have become slaves to money and material needs. Rock music is so unsuitable as a medium for spreading the Gospel, the word of God is light and power not to be mixed with dark and submission. To become engaged with melody and not the message is wrong and takes the seriousness away from communicating and receiving from God. Simplicity is key not pounding drum beats or driving Rhythms and twisting the Gospel. People might not like Christian music or to be associated with it because like our taste buds grow accustomed to too much salt or sugar our ears have been lost to carnal indoctrination from the moment we are born.

1 Thessalonians 5:22

22 Abstain from every form of evil.
Remember Christian music is a blessing and should not become attractive to Satan to influence the structure of the divine. We are so entertainment-laden mankind has lost his own personal time with the Lord as we have discussed.

A 16-year-old student in America said:

My Father told me that if I listened to Christian rock music it would open the door for Satan. I just laughed and listened anyway. Then it developed into secular rock music and it totally deadened my Christian growth and lead to terrible immorality, rebellion and rejection of God.”
Interesting she is saying yo can loose your Christian faith completely by listening to rock music. Yes, let’s play with sin then come back to God, with everlasting scars. The lord’s messengers are not to follow the ways of the world.


Time magazine wrote: (CCM Contemporary Christian Music)
Is God dead?

CCM performers are indistinguishable except for their lyrics from secular music.”

Michael Card said:

Industry is celebrity driven and songs have become disposable.”
Music should sanctify the heart and made holy this pleases the Lord and is acceptable.

Rock Promoter Steven Bush said:

One thing very distressing is the number of Christian hardcore and death metal bands. Hardcore pretty much hated church and state to use Punk rock to sell Jesus is pure evil.”
Godly music will lead us to worship God alone, and we worship the creator only having respect for the Holy and everything he stands for, keeping one day a week for him. Godly music shows us morals and how to live a noble life. To respect life and love our neighbor. To think in not lustful ways, and respect our parents. To grasp that marriage is a sacred institution for life. To tell the truth and thank God for waking up each day and bringing true christians closer to salvation. We will think in biblical patterns and speak with color and wisdom.

God wants to impart righteousness to us all so we can gain perfection in Jesus Christ which is a life-time, contemporary Christian melody hinders our growth.

Everything must be done according to scripture, the Bible gives us principles and asks us to apply them to Christian music. We need to basically start again because our sound has been hijacked by Satan. If our music is corrupted how can a Pastor preach the message?

With no power which is what the Devil wants.

We are strong in the arm of the flesh which has effected everything and culture of entertainment have damaged the Church. If we want thousands of people to attend church its easy today, just put up some disco lights, bring a CCM band into the church, free food and the masses will come. Most people do not even sing in Church with zeal or are only prepared to watch and learn never partaking in prayer or readings almost as if they are Jesus shy. Without instruments in some churches, the congregation would be hardly singing and some just mime.

Music seems to have become boring to some when they attend a church where it feels too much of an effort to sing and worship which is portrayed in their dress code. Maybe we should ask God to instruct us how to sing and worship him!

We need to worship with the whole man, melody should all coincide with the Spirit and reverence of the sermon. Worship is not only music in the church we can sing and praise God when we wake up in the morning, it should also not be the focus and scripture secondary. Instruments are also given to us to raise the sound of joy. So we have talked about hardcore and death metal is this the most offensive anti-Christian song ever you decide?

Broken Hope

He Was Raped.

From the album Loathing.

Founded in 1988 to present day Death Metal

This is the most disgusting song I have ever listened to that you can buy on I-Tunes. What do you think of this band?

His saintly robes removed

Pushed face down upon the floor

Legs kicked apart, hare-ass in the air

A fistful of hair Yanks his head back

He supposedly pardons us for every sin

But can Jesus forgive those who desecrated his body?

Incarcerated inside a Roman prison

Jesus would soon find His feminine side

They parted his buttocks like the Red Sea

Carrying His cross as blood ran down his leg

The bitter taste of aesthetic discharges upon the palate

Imprisoned disciples witnessed the irreverent crime

But the bible will never acknowledge the debauchery

In lock-up he was unable to spread the holy word

Because irreligious penis’ clogged His immaculate windpipe

The guards laughed at the Messiah’s screams

No angels came to bring Jesus deliverance

A handful of inmates would make the Nazarene their bitch

Sexually frocing Him to open His holiest orifices

Never tell the truth of the Lord’s molestation

The anointed deep throating, anally plundered, and crucified

Did His wounds really heal?

Carrying His cross as blood ran down His leg

The bitter taste of aesthetic discharge upon the palate

Imprisoned disciples witnessed the irreverent crime

But the bible will never acknowledge the debauchery

In lock-up, he was unable to spread the holy word

Because irreligious penis’ clogged His immaculate windpipe

The guards laughed at the Messiah’s screams

No angels came to bering Jesus deliverance

He was raped

He was raped

He was raped

The reaming of the Redeemer

He was raped

He was raped

He was raped

The penetration of God’s Son

He was raped

He was raped

He was raped

The violation of the Savior

He was raped

He was raped

He was raped

Christ sodomized for our sins

He supposedly pardons us for every sin

But can Jesus forgive those who desecrated His body?

The most heinous offences to ever disgrace the Lord

His pain and humiliation echoed through heaven

As hymns of gospel sing of his greatness




Would you want your Christian children listening to this sick evil song 99p on I-tunes it turns my stomach to think someone can think this way? There are many other bands like Disturbed that are truly evil and should be totally banned from selling their evil disgusting music on I-tunes.

Child Guidance said:
There has been a great change for the worse in the habits and customs of people in reference to religions and worship. The reverence which people had where they met with God in sacred service has largely passed.”
Worship has become self-centered instead of God driven, so if we are not filled properly with The Holy Spirit we become lost and empty.

Psalm 95:6-8

6Oh come, let us worship and bow down;
Let us kneel before the Lord our Maker.
7 For He is our God,
And we are the people of His pasture,
And the sheep of His hand.

Today, if you will hear His voice:
8 “Do not harden your hearts, as in the rebellion,
in the day of trial in the wilderness.”

God wants us to neglect our bodies in worship and enrich the Spirit, not to stimulate the flesh through melody leading to sexual desire, releasing hormones and attacking our frontal cortex.

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