Language Of The Soul Part Five


Language Of The Soul Part Five

Music always has a motive. The motive is musical fragments or successions of notes that have importance. There is motive deeply embedded in every piece of music and melody shapes our very values. Allot of Christian artists believe lyrics in the melody is the only thing that matters.

Professor Marshall McLuhan said:

The Medium is the message (music) which includes everything that affects our emotions and passions.”

Dr Richard Pellegrino a brain specialist said:

Music can trigger a flood of human emotions and images that can change us emotionally instantly, so basically a simple song can affect the mind instantly.”

This is very powerful so can melody alone influence the listener?

Yes, it can music has a motive as we discovered above, humans respond to melody and it sets moods like happiness. Some music we feel scared others we can move parts of our bodies instantly, feel peace or relaxed. So if there are no lyrics to music and we can instantly feel relaxed or scared then lyrics and the melody affect the human brain. Thoughts and feelings felt through melody make up our moral being. Music is powerful and not a toy we can establish that.

Remember God desires to express himself through man and music. Mankind is made in the image of God to contain God as he indwells, if we indwell the Lord we can express the Creator. We are a beautifully created vessel to express also through music. Humans are Body, soul and spirit, the spirit is made to contact and receive God even through the melody. Man was created to contain knowledge, the divine and music within our spirit.

Sin damages all three parts of man when we fell from grace. Music can also be used to fuel the effects of sin. God became a man called Jesus Christ to die on the cross and redeem our sins. It’s down to us to choose to be born again, the melody is there to help us indoctrinate his glorious rich life into our spirits. Christ became the life-giving spirit able to receive God’s life into his own spirit. After regeneration, we are baptised in Christ and filled with our spirit and soul becoming transformed. God through music can saturate our body with life or glorification.

Melody has the power to transform us through the drive of the beat.

Graham Cray said:

In all pop music lyrics are secondary. Pop is the music of feeling, spoken primarily to the body and secondly to the intellect.”

The words of melody must match the source, and Christian music is for Christians but not with a mixed message. Today Christian music is widely available with mixed sources which are not appropriate. So you have a house divided against itself. God created melody to influence our thoughts and feelings, so we don’t need a worldly message coming into Christian music to dilute the Word.

Dr Norman M. Weinberger said:

Thinking and behaviour are coloured by music which has direct and unconscious access to the human brain all of our individual lives.”

Dr Manfred Clyne discovered:

All humans beings respond to colour and music in the same way neurologically. All mankind responds to visual and audible stimulation in the exact same way, the same imprint is made in the brain language and culture had no bearing.”

Some People have said that all melody is fine because the Bible said we can sing, dance and make music. Scripture said take psalms, hymns, spiritual songs, and singing and make melody in your hearts to God.

Spiritual Means in Greek Non-carnal. So all music should not invoke carnal passions. So body language and words have to match with the source, as we can read body language with our eyes and our ears. Lyrics must match the vehicle, so let’s break down the vehicle of music.


Is the Chief theme of a musical composition and is the very essence of music. Melody has a motive.


Is the combination of simultaneously sounding notes producing chords and chord progressions that have a pleasing effect. Harmony charms us through the ear, through mood, colour, depth and perspective. Harmony has a motive.


The orderly movement of music sounds and silences through time. All music will have a rhythm which is the heartbeat or the energy of the music. Rhythm has a motive.

The music alone has the message even without lyrics. The devil has played with the rhythmic structure of melody to switch it around, to have a physical, sensual response. For a Christian, the order is as follows Melody, Harmony and Rhythm but Satan has put Rhythm, Harmony and Melody as his avenue to our souls. We know rhythm attaches itself like a coiled snake to the body and movement in a carnal way to a physical action and patterns in rock music can have a hypnotic effect.

The power of sound has shown that driving drum rhythms in excess can put the brain into a stress like state. When stressed it releases hormones that try to return the balance to normal. These experiences can be addictive and the listener can seek the chemical high again, this is why people move to harder music like rock becoming drunk on music or drugged through the melody. Steady beats release sex hormones which enhance the human body with sexual arousal. Hormones can become your enemy through music and Satan attacks the child this leads to sex, not within marriage which is what the Devil wants. So should a Christian go to clubs, disco’s and raves?

Categorically no.

Should we have a night club in our ear-buds?

Categorically no.

Songs release sex hormones as we have discovered, Christians do not need to listen to things that do not enhance the spiritual message.

Booming bass has the same effect we are constantly releasing hormones through music, then our eyes take in throughout the day a beautiful woman and the tape recorder of our minds gets full of sexual information that stimulates our thoughts even when we sleep. Remember we can have a release of bodily fluids when we sleep.

Dr David Elkind said:

There is powerful sexual stimulation in the rhythm of rock music.”

So how do God and the heavenly hosts see mankind when we play the wrong music and getting sexually stimulated through melody created for our enjoyment in a Christian way and to worship him?

Christians are the body of Christ not the body of sexual pleasures. Sexuality is rhythm and it’s beat that commands a direct physical response. Rock music breaks down any self-control we might have and the frontal cortex is compromised. Beats of rock bring sexual release for all adolescent audiences.

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith said:

Rock music is the strongest drug in the world and sometimes I dance with the Devil.”

Donnie Brewer drummer of Grand Funk said:

We take kids away from their parents and environment to a reality of rhythm and beat.”

Interesting children targeted again with rhythm and beats because of the musical message that promotes rebellion within the listener. Some melody the parents do not know what their children listen too.

King George 1st

Used music to heal himself and asked Handel to compose music for him with balance and order that is appropriate for the mind.

When a married couple blessed by God make love it is harmony and melody combined that responds with a harmonic symphony. The creator wrote our own sexual composition because love has divine nature. In our soul is scribed the law of God, so we can break the order through music that has changed our very structure if we play carnal sound. Love of God and bodily love are different, with Agape it’s the kind of love God requires which can also be reached through the correct music. Melody is power and humans are a musical conduit the creator does not want a mixed message in everything we do he wants the fire of God, not strange fire.

God is only against cultures that are not of him.

Shu-Ching 6th Century Bc said:

For changing people’s manners and customs, there is nothing better than music.”

If Jesus appeared to mankind and commanded us to listen to our iPods and music collection would you be nervous today?

Spirit-led and Holy Spirit fed would Christian artists be nervous?

Aristotle 340 Bc

Music imitates passions of states of the soul, gentleness, anger, courage and other qualities.”

This is old information known to man thousands of years ago.

Keith Richards Rolling Stones said:

Songs are a medium and they just plop out of the air like being at a séance.”

Jim Morrison said:

He would receive songs en mass. He would see a concert in his head and write the words to the songs.

We mentioned Aleister Crowley in our earlier topics he had many followers including Iron maiden, David Bowie, Ozzy Osbourne, Mick Jagger, Sting, and Sammy Davis Jr to name a few.

Anton Lavey

Picked up Crowley’s torch and established the official Church Of Satan he wrote the Satanic Bible he said:

Desires were meant to be fulfilled Satan is a symbol. Satan signifies our love of the world and our reflection of the pallid ineffectual image of Christ on the cross.”

There is so much symbolism with the Church of Satan that reflects The Holy Trinity. The goat symbol for one goat have horns and they attack. Sheep never attack they are defensive and need a shepherd in Jesus Christ, Satan tries to separate the Goats and the Sheep many Christians are goats first in this world.

Frank Zappa said:

I realised that music gets through to the youngsters because the big beat matched the great rhythms of the body. Loud sounds and bright lights of today are indoctrination tools.”

Big artists know if you want to be big in the music industry you make a deal with the Devil. The Devil requires no talent just loyalty.

Led Zeppelin

Stairway to heaven is the most requested rock song and said to be the greatest satanic works ever recorded.

Robert Plant said:

He was given this song in his brain.”

The Beach Boys Brian Wilson said:

We were doing witchcraft trying to do witchcraft music.”

The Beach Boys and The Beatles would take a Shaman to their concerts to bewitch the masses during and after their live shows. Is this in the will of God Pagan ideas? Brian Wilson believed later he was possessed by the Devil.

David Bowie said:

Rock music is and has always been the Devils music and is dangerous. I feel we’re only heralding something even darker than ourselves.”

If this is the case Christians and Christian artists should not even be listening to this type of music let alone playing it to unsuspected people!

John Denver said:

Rock music has the greatest influence over human souls than primitive Christianity why? The beats!

Hello, wake up fellow Christians.

Satan worked through the Hippie age of the 60s and 70s undermining moral thinking and values. That age was into Voodoo, sex, drugs and Rock and Roll and other types of immorality. The 60s some people say were a glorification of the works and movement of Aleister Crowley and its Doctrine.

Do What Thou Wilt

From the 1960s to the 1980s suicide rose 400%

Unwed couples living together rose 536%

Pregnancy among girls from 10-14 rose 553%

Prior to 1960s only 2 recorded STD today we have 25 this was free love.

Violent crimes rose 995%

Remember rock, funk, disco etc have roots for Jazz because the beat came to western music through Jazz.

Mickey Hart drummer Grateful Dead said:

Drums alter consciousness, percussion influences the human mind and body. Drum or beats have carried me to an open door to another world.”

Remember there is a voodoo branch, Pagan to ancient connections between the drum and God’s.

DJ Lorin said:

Dancefloors with amazing sets show a tribal unity of the people who are there.”


Disco music and Madonna pushed open the sexual boundaries, she became an icon in rebellious nature, dress and behaviour. The title track Like A Virgin promoted pre-marital sex and Papa Don’t Preach was a statement she was going to do her own thing. Madonna dressed inappropriately, behaved immorally but was applauded and rewarded by the music industry. Satan must have been rubbing his hands with glee.

Do With Thou Wilt”

Remember The Church Of Satan’s philosophies.

Michael Jackson said:

I have my own room with moving walls and mirrors where I talk to Lee Liberaci.”

A dead music artist interesting.

Michael Jackson’s Dangerous album cover has symbols of the all-seeing eye.

Michael Jackson said:

When I wake up from dreams I go wow and put the whole thing down on paper. I am a courier bringing it into the world. When I hit the stage the spirit just hits you and I lose control of myself.”

What Spirit is that does he lose control too?

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