Sexual Life In The Playground

God Knows Best
God Knows Best

Sexual Life in the playground

Matthew, Mark, Luke and Huifen were hanging around the back of the bike sheds John was in the corner by himself smoking his usual E-cigarette. He had not even tried proper cigarettes today all the rage was these imitation devices with shops dedicated to selling any flavour possible. John was actually addicted to Red Bull energy drinks and got his nicotine fix with Red bull flavoured liquid refills.

Matthew spat on the ground a disgusting habit seen today with people especially football players and even witnessed in woman’s football matches.

Huifen said,” Why do you spit on the ground for other people to walk in, it’s disgusting?”

Matthew coughed “Because I can hon.”

Typical response from a man do you think its cool to do that?”

Matthew walked over to the group and put his arms around Huifen:

Whats your problem today you seem very moral all of a sudden.”

She shrugged off his arm and looked at him not smiling:

Manners don’t cost anything nor does morals,” She said.

Matthew slapped her bottom playfully with this Mark and Luke burst into laughter.

Huifen pushed him away “As usual sexual play has to come into the day with you guys. I am surprised not to see you reading your dirty magazine you have hidden behind the pipe.”

Maybe later my love when I am in the mood unless you want to help me.” Matthew laughed.

Do you think it’s funny I bet you are addicted to Porn and masturbation.”

The boys continued to laugh out loud, doing things suggestively behind her back.

Matthew said, “I love masturbation I do it daily Huifen you probably do it yourself there is nothing wrong in pleasuring yourself.”

If you think it’s right then why do we feel consciously ashamed to do it? We were created in the likeness and image of God. We have morals of what is right and wrong it’s against natural law Matthew, we feel guilt and remorse like in principle if a woman goes for an abortion we know it’s wrong. Why is this? Because it’s our spirit-based feelings. We are all spirit based beings even you Matthew, not material flesh monsters. Don’t you think its addictive? Sexual addiction is a form of slavery and not freedom.”

Matthew coughed and said” Bit heavy this discussion hon but as you started it I will play along with you.”

Huifen where in the bible does it say that masturbation is a sin or about oral sex we may as well cover everything since you want to get all moral on us?”

Huifen smiled “If you read the whole bible it clearly states from The Old Testament to the New Testament that we are all unclean and need to be Holy.

Jesus came to perfect the law in The New Testament whereas The Old Testament he was more tolerant because they did not have The Holy Spirit to guide them yet. Don’t you think it’s a waste of vital fluids?”

Well maybe it is but we make sperm all the time what is the problem with turning on the tap every once in a while?”

Huifen seemed agitated and the rest of the boys were smiling and giggling amongst themselves.

So you think oral sex is ok to put something in your mouth that we use to go to the toilet even to consume bodily fluids?”

Well, sperm is said to be good for you to consume and to put on your skin as a face cream so what is the problem we solve two things at once we get pleasure and benefits from our actions.”

Huifen smiled “Our actions yes we abuse our free will masturbation or oral sex takes away the blessings of God. Sex was created for two people to enjoy within marriage and is in direct contact with the fruits of the Spirit we are supposed to ignite the physical with the spiritual within marriage.”

Luke butted in the conversation” But scientific effects have found it is beneficial to the prostate. I masturbate everyone does it kerbs appetite so I don’t get tempted easily I see at college woman in a less sexual manner.”

John said” I masturbate because I get bored. Just do it and enjoy yourself same applies for oral sex it’s not wrong we are sexual creatures I have never read a decent argument yet why oral sex or masturbation is bad. Would an all loving God damn me if I did it? You are basically saying the physical is bad and spiritual is only good like Christians know best everyone else is wrong.”

Huifen said” Well you guys have some wrong ideas what love and sex is. Masturbation can turn to porn, fantasies, and to addiction. Masturbation is sexual gratification without the spouse or physical gratification of the flesh.

You mentioned Christians by our standard its immoral oral sex and masturbation we don’t judge people like we don’t judge homosexuals. The act is wrong and we need to save the person how can we do that if we can’t change their will if we push them away?

John interrupted “I consider masturbation a gift from God Religious arguments are ridiculous based on ignorance.”

Huifen shook her head “How can it be a gift from God. How can it be?

Desires dictate and all this gravely offends God all sperm is life each one is capable of giving life. Three weeks after conception a fetus has fingerprints nothing else is added apart from oxygen and nutrients. Have you ever wondered why one sperm only makes it to fertilize an egg?”

John said,” I am sure you are going to tell us.”

Huifen said with passion “Dam right I will tell you because God picks the first-born child. That’s why the first-born was always and still is important in the family. God Knows us before conception we have his standards and design already in the blueprint. Oral sex can give you many diseases including Gonorrhoea to syphilis. The creator gave us a mouth to be noble and a means of reciting the bible blessing others and our Lord. So it’s obvious it’s offensive if filth enters the mouth we are asked all throughout the bible to be clean, pure, and Holy. Yes, masturbation and oral sex were not mentioned specifically but it does mention discharge of semen and other forms like a woman’s period. Sexual energy is the same as spiritual energy and we need to turn it into something productive. If we harness both together keeping your seed it creates a new you.”

Mark said,” Is it really like that, though?”

Huifen was in a rhythm intent on giving the message “When you have spiritual and sexual energy combined you can see the bags gone under your eyes you have more energy. What happens after you have sex you roll over and go to sleep energy has been lost. We have more drive and more joy. This can be all enjoyed with a sexual union retained within marriage. Take away animal nature to become a bloom of spiritual nature. Mental awareness will not diminish or willpower. Remember we are all spiritual beings, not material beings masturbation, oral sex degrades your conciseness and spiritual advancement. Loss of sperm is a loss of energy we need to be wise and see that marriage is the key we experiment to young and suffer the consequences. Remember why did God want the sex act of discharge? Because the first-born is his. First seed has the maximum potential the Lord keeps the best for himself.”

Luke said,” Could be true hon you are wise for your age.”

Huifen said” Well the nation has an illness for what we eat and drink we eat the wrong foods we drink the wrong drinks. We do everything that is wrong because we abuse our free will then we change God’s laws. God gave us the bible with everything inside it for a healthy life. There are all the foods in their the rainbow diet. God tells us not to do things because he loves us if we are created in his image it’s only natural he tries to protect what he created. Oral sex weakens marriage masturbation weakens marriage and is all contrary to natural law. Lust is poison and takes away our ability to express love to our wife. Sex is a means to glorify God we fulfil design for love, intimacy, procreation, and fulfilment of the order of marriage. Sex is a blessing and should remain pure.”

Luke smiled and said, “I agree foods can affect sperm hormones and energy you have wonderful logic in God’s design for us.”

Huifen said” When I fast I have no sex. Prayer, fasting, and reading is the main sources for Christians, not sex look in the bible when it says about no sex for a woman with a period written in Leviticus. It mentions discharge of semen as unclean a period of days is required to become purified. The problem these days is Satan and the media have changed the perception of sex.”

Luke said, “How have they done that hon?”

Mankind has abused his free will exactly the same that lead to the decay of the Gentile society. 1950’s we were told God is dead. By the 1960’s we embrace towards free love. Laws forbidding living together without marriage were tucked under the carpet in the 1970’s. Then in the late 1970’s to the present day we are open to homosexuality forbidden in the bible. Anal and oral sex are substitutes for us driven by Satan and the porn culture. You can see everything has sex at its root from pop stars that flaunt their bodies, to Christian sex shops which do exist you can find on google selling sex toys in the name of Jesus. We here sex in music, films, books, toys, signs and lots more that attracts our attention. To be holy we need to move away from a world turning into Sodom just full of greed, lust, and material pleasures. If we have all these fueled by Satan it’s no wonder each generation moves further away from God. Technology age and the whole world is dying inside, outside and spiritually. I hope Jesus comes back soon we need the separate countries to come back to Israel. This is happening now when the third temple is built then the countdown will begin.

I do not belong in this crazy world I crave to be gone from it.”

The bell sounded Matthew, Mark, Luke and John walked away to class lost in thought. Huifen means wise and sweet-smelling. That day God blessed her and her name became a sweet aroma.

Oral Sex, Masturbation Is A sin.