Stranger the Seller and the Sex Shop

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Stranger the Seller and the Sex Shop

It was dusk, when he arrived in front of the store. It was a Christian sex shop.

He knew people were talking about him and would have been” the friend of tax collectors and harlots”. And this was “the Truth”.

So, he calmly ambled into shop.

He was not surprised he saw his mark on boxes vivid colours of enticement to spread the seed of life in rainbows of deadly pleasures. Nothing surprised him anymore, just that it hurt him, throbbing wounds long healed on his hands and legs. He turned with deep disgust on a pure face, from vibrators that were at hand, boxed at the entrance of the store promised ecstasy of life. Because the seller didn’t welcome him, he threw his gaze over shelves filled with articles and accessories. All presented strong sensations in colours of life, freedom, sensual pleasures…

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